Breaking bad. POS tampering

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Authors: Gabriel Bergel and Javier Perez

The speakers will talk about insecurity of POS and fraud that can you be on. From the classic skimmer, eavesdropping, modification, and installation of third-party software to hardware tampering POS. The report also covers POS security features, main brands, cybercrime, methodology to POS tamper, impacted models, security countermeasures, PCI DSS, EMV, insecurity of EMV and NFC.

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Gabriel Bergel
A computer system engineer, currently coursing a Masters in Cybersecurity in the IMF Business School and Camilo José Cela University (Spain). He has 14 years of experience in different fields of information security. He is a speaker at common courses, lectures, workshops, and conferences for information security both nationally and throughout Latin America. Currently, the chief strategic officer in Dreamlab Technologies and chief security ambassador in 11Paths.

Javier Perez
Fan of tech and security, ISECOM OSSTMM instructor, trainer for security courses, speaker, researcher. Almost 10 years in the security world. During recent years, he has specialized in payment systems EMV, NFC, POS, ATM. Currently, the director of R&D at Dreamlab Technologies.

Gabriel Bergel and Javier Perez Gabriel Bergel and Javier Perez

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