Modern techniques and tools in malware analysis

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Author: Ivan Piskunov

This hands-on lab will focus on modern countermeasures against malware analysis: antidebugging techniques, using virtual machines, antidisassembly tricks, code packing/encryption using current approaches, and special technologies and tools.
Participants will need a laptop, a Windows XP virtual machine with OllyDbg and a disassembler installed.

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Has been working in the IT and IS spheres for more than seven years. He writes on his blog ipiskunov.blogspot.com and in his personal column on SecurityLab.ru. He has written several articles on reversing for The Hacker magazine, and is a resident of the anti-malware.ru portal. His articles were published in magazines and mass media focused on information security, IT audit, and IS department economic management. Has three university degrees: information security, accounting and taxation, and business administration.

Ivan Piskunov Ivan Piskunov

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