Exploring billion states of a program like a pro. How to cook your own fast and scalable DBI-based security tool. A case study

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Author: Maksim Shudrak

The main purpose of this talk is to introduce DBI, delve deeper in this topic, demonstrate the power of this technique, and consider typical problems of its application for "industrial" tasks. Audience will get acquainted with DBI in general, will understand in which fields it is successfully applied, what are potential problems of this technique related to implementation of their own tool based on presented frameworks (Intel PIN and DynamoRIO), and see real examples of the technique used for heap-based bug detection in heavyweight programs along with dynamic malware analysis.

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A cyber security researcher at IBM Research Israel, PhD. Field of interests: reverse engineering, software security analysis, dynamic binary instrumentation, malware analysis, emulation technologies.

Maksim Shudrak Maksim Shudrak

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