Hacker in a trap: A practical demonstration of how to block exploits and ransomware

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Author: Denis Batrankov

This hands-on lab will feature simultaneous performance of real malicious code and protection tools on several virtual machines. All engines enabled: antivirus, URL filtration, antispyware, IPS, Threat Intelligence, DNS Sinkholing, sandboxes based on a next generation firewall and at the same time—the traps, sandbox, and endpoint protection based on Traps™.

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Denis has been active in information security since 1992. His experience spans a wide range of security technologies and products for networks, workstations, and servers from different vendors, including Palo Alto Networks, Allot, ISS, IBM, HP, Cisco, Check Point, and Microsoft. Active CISSP certification.

Denis Batrankov Denis Batrankov

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