Voice cloning and its detection

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Author: Roman Kazantsev

Banks started to apply authentication technology based on voice biometric data for access to credit cards. From information security point, such speech elements are sensitive and need protection against compromising and impersonalization. Impersonalization can be achieved by employing voice morphing (cloning) methods. The speaker will demonstrate software implementation for all phases of the voice cloning method, show how a voice recognition system can detect cloned voices, and present research data about dependency between performance of cloned voice detector and a number of cepstrum features used for training.

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Works as a Software Engineer in the Software & Services Group at Intel Corporation. Has 7+ years of professional experience in software engineering. Focuses on cryptography, software security, and computer science. He received a Bachelor and Master's degree in computer science with honors at Nizhny Novgorod State University, Russia. Has about ten published papers and two patents in information security.

Roman Kazantsev Roman Kazantsev

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