Preventing attacks in ASP.NET Core

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Author: Mikhail Shcherbakov

ASP.NET Core is a continuation of ASP.NET platform, but unlike its elder brother, ASP.NET Core is completely open-source and supported by the community. The framework architecture has been reconsidered, with new security features created and a part of the existing ones rewritten. The speaker will describe the internal structure of ASP.NET Core attack prevention mechanisms, cryptography options available out of the box, arrangement of session management, and other features. The report will be useful for developers writing secure ASP.NET applications, specialists performing .NET project security reviews, and for those who would like to understand how to implement security components using this platform.

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Microsoft MVP, participant of .NET Core Bug Bounty Program, .NET community leader in St. Petersburg and Moscow, an independent software developer and consultant. The professional area is static and dynamic code analysis, information security, automatization of debugging code, research of .NET CLR internals.

Mikhail Shcherbakov Mikhail Shcherbakov

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