Evil Printer: assembling an uncommon firmware

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Author: Anton Dorfman

We are surrounded by devices doing important job, but their security is often neglected. These devices are network printers and multifunction devices. The speaker will review how to extend standard features of these devices by means of modifying their firmware. He will show live payloads required for attacks on enterprise and industrial networks.
Speaker: Anton Dorfman, authors: Vladimir Nazarov and Ivan Boyko.

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Researcher, reverser, and assembly language fan. PhD in Technical Sciences. Graduated with honors from the Samara State Technical University. Lectured on reverse engineering. The author of over 50 scientific publications on IT security. Keen on automating any reverse engineering tasks. Was the third in the contest Best Reverser at PHDays II. Was a speaker at PHDays, Zeronights, and HITB 2014. Organizes and trains student CTF teams. Lead specialist at the application analysis unit at Positive Technologies.

Anton Dorfman Anton Dorfman

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