Dangerous controllers

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Author: Igor Dusha

The main issues the speaker will cover are vulnerabilities in PLCs, process interface units, computer-based interlocking units, and other smart devices. He will also review specific features of penetration testing in SCADA, classification of vulnerabilities in SCADA systems and PLC—all supported by case studies and elimination methods. The report also outlines specific features of ensuring security in proprietary technologies for data transfer between control units and field devices, which allow controlling processes in oil and gas, nuclear, and other industries. The report is supplemented by real test results and compilations.

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Graduated from MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), the Faculty of Cybernetics and Information Security. Currently works as a security engineer with ASP Labs, architect of the complex SCADA security solution. Involved in SCADA security activities, such as audits, penetration testing, design and installation of information security tools, in railway, nuclear, petroleum refining, and power distribution industries. A member of the BalalaikaCr3w team in CTF.

Igor Dusha Igor Dusha

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