Live dissection: anatomy of a router-based botnet

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Authors: Maxim Goncharov and Ilya Nesterov

Buy web traffic, prepare infrastructure for exploit kit and dropzone, rent a bulletproof hosting space, encrypt a malicious binary to be sure its not detected by most of AV, build sophisticated management protocols, run a C2 and hide yourself all the time behind several mixed layers of VPNs, SSH and proxy just to be sure you are safe—what a headache! Eventually, you'll have to deal with all that if you wish to have a real botnet. But what if there is a simpler way?

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Maxim Goncharov
A threat researcher at Shape Security with 16 years of experience in computer security. Participates as speaker at various security conferences and training seminars on cybercrime and related issues (e.g., vulnerabilities research, cyberterrorism, cybersecurity, underground economy). A recent speaker at Black Hat, PacSec, Power of Community, DeepSec, VB, APWG, and PHDays.

Ilya Nesterov
A security researcher at Shape Security. Prior to Shape, worked at F5 Networks. Earned his master's degree from Tomsk Polytechnic University. His interests include modern web application security threats and countermeasures, botnets, malware, exploits, and honeypot development. Also works as an independent security researcher. Spoke at different conferences including: Black Hat, OWASP AppSec, BSides.

Maxim Goncharov and Ilya Nesterov Maxim Goncharov and Ilya Nesterov

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