Hadoop safari: hunting for vulnerabilities

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Authors: Mahdi Braik and Thomas Debize

With the growth of data traffic and data volumetric analysis needs, Big Data has become one of the most popular fields in IT and many companies are currently working on this topic by deploying Hadoop clusters, which is the current most popular Big Data framework. This talks aims to present in a simple way Hadoop security issues or rather its concepts, as well as to show the multiples vectors to attack a cluster.

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Mahdi Braik and Thomas Debize are French security enthusiasts and work as infosec auditors at Wavestone, a French consulting company. They work on all kinds of security audits, penetration tests, and incident responses through the company's CERT. Both developed a specific interest in Hadoop technologies few years ago: as they got to know how immature this ecosystem was, they decided to hunt for vulnerabilities in it. They like to git push new infosec tools and write blog posts in the corporate blog and infosec-specialized magazines.

Mahdi Braik and Thomas Debize Mahdi Braik and Thomas Debize

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