IoT (in)security

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Moderator: Alexey Lukatsky

The internet of things is the next evolutionary jump in IT. On the one hand, this is a business opportunity, and on the other hand—a global threat to the development of companies, the internet and all modern IT world. The report will cover technical, organizational, and legal issues related to IoT safety, including attack and defense. Participants: Dmitry Berezin, Alexander Butenko, Igor Girkin, Uliana Zinina, Grigory Marshalko, Pavel Novikov. Moderator: Alexey Lukatsky.

Among the participants

    Dmitry Berezin and Alexander Butenko, Croc.
    An approach to ensure Enterprise IoT security

    The world of the internet of things is changing rapidly. New kinds of devices, advanced technologies, M2M architecture—all that produces new risks for information security. Each class of IoT devices (Home, Enterprise, Industrial) has its own specific features and security requirements. The speaker will review requirements to IoT in the enterprise. Business takes an advantage of using a big number of geographically distributed devices and at the same time retaining the options of centralized control and monitoring as well as ability to check security settings. The speakers will investigate what technologies ensure protection of distributed IoT systems and what is the difference between IoT and traditional IT solutions.

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