ICS information security

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Moderator: Roman Krasnov and Dmitry Darensky

The section will cover the following issues: R&D in protection of industrial control systems (ICS) and the internet of things, establishment of ICS cybersecurity centers, product compatibility testing and certification, traditional SOC arrangement and modern SOC establishment strategies.

Speakers: Evgeny Gengrinovich, Pavel Lutsik, Andrey Nuikin, Alexey Petukhov, and Ruslan Stefanov.

The participants of a round-table discussion will raise the following issues: shall SOC monitor ICS? What shall SOC be able to do in order to cope with IT and IS incidents? How to deal with remote autonomous objects?

Participants: Denis Babaev, Andrey Nuikin, and Ruslan Stefanov. Moderators: Roman Krasnov and Dmitry Darensky.

Among reports

Kaspersky Lab ICS-CERT. Research and investigations

In October 2016, Kaspersky Lab launched Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT, a visionary project designed to distribute information on current threats and vulnerabilities in industrial automation. Within the first six months of the project, the team eliminated a big number of vulnerabilities, conducted several incident investigations in industrial automation systems and published some reports covering ICS security issues. The report will describe ICS security problems detected in course of investigations and searches for vulnerabilities. The speaker will also tell about the project development plans and give the list of artefacts that can be useful for ICS component vendors, security departments of industrial companies, and independent researchers.

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