Security Path: Dev vs Manage vs Hack

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Authors: Dmitry Mannanikov and Mikhail Levin

We all started our career either as engineers or as operators—developed and created systems, experimented with design and research. But eventually each of us has come up to the question: what to do next, in a year or two, and what we would like to become in five or ten years. How to create a career in the security area? What would help in development, and what can be a dead end both for hackers and defenders? Is it possible to be a bug hunter throughout all life or shifting to a paperwork expert or people manager is inevitable? What is more attractive to hack and design: software or bulletproof enterprise processes? Specialists thinking about their future and managers guiding their staff in development are welcome.

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Dmitry Mannanikov and Mikhail Levin Dmitry Mannanikov and Mikhail Levin

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