Anti-plenary session. Technologies security: personal views of leading minds

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Moderator: Alexey Kachalin

These days, information security suffers acute internal conflicts. All around, we hear: "No one is interested!", "You'll be hacked in any case!", "Buy new stuff." Both security solution developers and users have lost their faith and motivation. The most outstanding representatives of the community will sit together to share their pains and ideas that can influence every person and industry in general. As minimum slides or any tinsel as possible, and loads of personal experience, understanding of the subject, and emotions.

Participants: Alexey Kachalin, Ilya Sachkov, Alexey Lukatsky, Alexey Volkov, Vladimir Bengin, Elman Beybutov, Mikhail Kader, Dmitry Manannikov, Ivan Novikov.

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