The evolution of Trojan memory sticks

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Author: Andrey Biryukov

Malicious devices based on Teensy and other development boards are rather well-known: mimicking a keyboard or another legitimate device, they bypass protection tools and perform a malicious activity. However, a Trojan device based on Raspberry Pi Zero microcomputer allows implementing even more types of attacks. It can be used for MITM attack, automated vulnerability scanning with further exploitation, or connection to a target system via JTAG to reconfigure BIOS settings. The speaker will demonstrate implementation of a number of such attacks.

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Graduated from the Moscow Aviation Institute, the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Physics. 12+ years of experience in information security. Lead information security engineer with AMT GROUP with the focus on ICS security. A regular author for the Russian magazine "System administrator." Wrote several books on information security.

Andrey Biryukov Andrey Biryukov

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