The other side of DDoS

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Author: Krassimir T. Tzvetanov

This talk intends to introduce defenders to the tools that are popular in the Underground to set up denial-of-service attacks. It will go through some of the tool-kits and techniques that are used to launch those attacks and look at some of the economics: how much it costs an attacker to execute the attack and how much it costs the defender to defend. From point of view of defense we are also going to investigate what are the benefits and drawback of mitigating the attack on premise vs using a service provider that specializes in that field.

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A security engineer at Fastly, a high performance CDN designed to accelerate content delivery as well as serve as a shield against DDoS attacks. Worked for hardware vendors like Cisco and A10 focusing on threat research, DDoS mitigation features, product security and best security software development practices. Also worked at Yahoo! and Google. Was a department lead for Defcon and an organizer of the premier BayArea security event BayThreat. Holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering (Communications) and a Master's degree in Digital Forensics and Investigations.

Krassimir T. Tzvetanov Krassimir T. Tzvetanov

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