Young School


PHDays VII Young School is an excellent chance for those new to the field to perform their own research in information security and present the results to leading experts at the PHDays VII international forum. Young School is intended to go beyond the knowledge received at universities and help students/young professionals to gain experience in applied security.

This year we have changed the format of PHDays Young School: three different types of works will be presented.

PHDays VII Young School Research Track

Research proposals are accepted from undergraduates, graduate students, and independent young researchers. Topics relating to applied security are accepted, such as (but not necessarily limited to):

  • New objectives of hacker attacks. Internet of Things: tea kettle botnets, fitness trackers, and controlling cars remotely
  • Forensics for APT and cyberespionage attacks
  • Attacks on payment and e-banking systems. Security of payWave, PayPass, and Apple Pay
  • Security of ERP systems and corporate applications/technologies
  • New vectors and techniques for attacking mobile devices
  • SCADA systems. Securing industrial control systems and modern cities
  • Vulnerabilities in the systems around us: RFID, smart TVs, IP cameras, etc.

There should be experimental proof of the practical value of what is being discussed. Proposed topics will be assessed for novelty and relevance. We do not accept “position papers”—we are not looking for papers in which ideas or opinions are given without being backed up by real results.

How to apply

To apply, send your application to youngschool@phdays.com.An application consists of an outline of your proposed topic, in free form, in English or Russian. Description should be made of the purpose of the research, its relevance, area of applicability, comparison to solutions that already exist, methods and results of experimental work, and interpretation of the results..

The review committee will consist of experts in academia who are experienced in applied security. If your work is accepted, one of the authors will be invited to speak at the forum, with reimbursement from the organizers for travel and accommodation. Coauthors will receive forum passes, without reimbursement of their expenses. Remember that PHDays Young School is not a contest—passion, not prizes, should be the driving force.

Prospective applicants are welcome to consult with the organizers before applying. In case of questions regarding research topics, results, how to present information, etc., contact Andrey Petukhov at youngschool@phdays.com

Deadline: applications for participation in the Young School research track are accepted until April 1.

Young School Spring Hack Tricks

Take part in five-minute lightning talks. If you have an obscure trick that helps you in your work, bug bounty, or CTF competitions, this is the time to share.

Areas of interest:

The main criterion is that the trick be non-obvious and have clear benefit in practice. For examples of tricks, view Lightning Talks from last year's forum (available at http://www.phdays.com/broadcast/).

For these lightning talks, you can send links to your tools in public or private repositories (for private ones, we will give you information for our account, which you can give read-only privileges).

How to apply

Your application should contain an outline, in free form, describing the importance of the trick/tool, how it is new and useful, and scope of application.

Proposals will be evaluated by the program committee, which consists of experts with experience in applied security. If your trick/tool is found satisfactory, you will receive a forum pass and the opportunity to share your findings with the community. Note that in case of a successful proposal, tools in private repositories must be made publicly available.

Deadline: applications for Spring Hack Tricks are accepted until April 15.

Product comparison and review articles

You can earn yourself a spot at the forum by writing a review article comparing two or more information security products of the same class.

How to apply

Send your application to youngschool@phdays.comand indicate your contact information: full name, institutional affiliation, and status (undergraduate/graduate student/researcher).

The organizers of PHDays Young School will coordinate with you, once an application has been received, to set the stages and schedule of work. Deadlines will be set for the different stages: providing the methodology, creating the test environment, conducting experimental work, and putting together and interpreting the results.

Organizers will enforce these deadlines: if interim results are not provided by the relevant date, the proposal may be excluded from further participation. Organizers will also provide feedback in order to improve the quality of review.

Authors who complete their review article on time and with the favorable decision of the experts will be invited to the forum, with compensation of expenses for travel and accommodation. These authors will defend the results of their research at the forum.

Deadline: applications for review articles are accepted until January 15, and final works must be finished by April 1.

Questions? Write to us at youngschool@phdays.com.